Southbound Software

  • Read Later for Instapaper

    The preffered way to post articles/URLs from your Android device to Instapaper. It even works offline and with tweets containing links.

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  • Shoporama

    Administration tool for the danish webshop provider Shoporama. Only for users of the Shoporama platform. The tool can be user to get notifications about new orders and inspect previous orders

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  • Wake on LAN Client

    Lets you wake up a computer when you enter a wireless network. A nice way to make your computer boot up when you get to work or home.

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  • Java Filesystem Scanner

    A small program that scans through a folder to create a CSV file with relevant file information for all files within the folder. Loads of further analysis is possible with the CSV file.

  • Easy Currency Website

    A website that shows the currency rates (provided by the ECB) relative to the selected home currency. Currencies are presented nicely with development indicators.

  • Is That Creepy?

    The fun social app that easily lets you determine the dating potential based on the age of two people. It is not the most useful app - but it is fun.

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